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AndAgain Moved To New York City (And Some Other Cool News)!

We are incredibly happy to announce that we have officially moved our business to New York City. AndAgain now operates out of Brooklyn and we could not be happier about it. For the remainder of this month and into the new year we have some incredible partnerships and announcements coming up and will be giving some hints and sneak looks into those here as well!

Our New Studio

Finding a new home for a business, especially in the city of New York is at first a daunting task. We aren’t just a couple of freelance writers that can grab a shared desk at a WeWork or share a 200 sq. ft. studio apartment. AndAgain is a fully operating brand that needs design and creative space, sample making and room for some of our production still being in house, as well as our photo studio as all of the creative that you see is still produced and developed by us. All in all, getting some space to stretch our legs was a good idea and luckily we found it!

1717 Broadway is our new home, with a 600 sq. ft. studio accomplishing all of above! Windows on two of the four walls bring in some beautiful natural light, perfect for the seamless white background that is on an opposing wall. Our space also has open rooftop access with an amazing view of the NYC skyline.

AndAgain Studio NYC

The Neighborhood

Our studio is a couple of miles directly east coming from Williamsburg, directly accessible by the J train (via Essex on Manhattan). With some guts, we could literally jump onto the platform out one of our windows, but probably won’t ever do that.

The area of Brooklyn that we are in is filled with small, quaint coffee shops, ethnic food options and plenty of vintage shopping. Travel a little bit closer towards Williamsburg and you will pass some of our favorite options for a mid day break from work.

  1. Little Skips East (classic coffee shop with amazing baked goods and pastries, also not too expensive!)
  2. Cafe Erzulie (outdoor patio, work space for all of us creatives)
  3. Brooklyn Roasting Company (sustainably focused coffee roasting and distribution company, based entirely out of Brooklyn in the old city power station in the Navy Yard, very nice people)

Also near our new home are some spots for some really good clothing finds! Extremely unique or made in the USA finds a special spot in our hearts so here are some of our favorites in Brooklyn

  1. JANE Motorcycles (leather and workwear designs, studio upstairs, VERY cool vibe downstairs with plenty of chill out spots).
  2. The Tea Shop (incredibly unique spot featuring an upstairs retail shop for their tea (as well as serving drinks in combination with a downstairs small scale production room for handmade wool apparel. Also downstairs is a calming, meditation space where you can sit and sip your tea in peace. No shoes allowed downstairs).

Opportunities for you

With a new space like this at our disposal, we have been thinking our hardest how we can best use it. We have come to a couple of conclusions and have exciting plans in the works.

  1. Try ons, Fittings, meet and greets, custom sizing, all for free! We would love to meet anyone who wants to meet us! Not only just to hang out (which we are totally down for), but if you are unsure of a purchase because you are nervous about sizing we encourage you to schedule a completely free try on appointment. We will help you out with sizing of course, fit and even styling advice.
  2. We are also renting our photo studio to anyone who wants to rent it! You can view the listing and schedule your time on Peer Space through this clickable link.

Our Podcast / Youtube Video Series - "Them"

We are incredibly excited to begin our news podcast and video series, featuring the most interesting individuals we have come across while running our company! Guests include the two of us (learn some things you DEFINITELY don’t know yet), CEOs, other young entrepreneurs, world famous journalists, and many many more! The show will feature some consistent questions week to week and of course new conversations with each guest. After some talking and laughing, our guest will then choose their favorite from our designs and we will shoot them in our studio and the rooftop of our building! Don’t forget to check out the preview for who will be interviewed on IG and FB as you can become involved too! Submit your questions in the comment section of when we announce the next guest and we will feature them!