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Collaborations Creating Wearable, Fine Art For The Urban Jungle.

Artist Collaborations

Starting this brand, AndAgain, has been one hell of a ride. Connections established, friends made (and lost) and the customers we have created have all lead us down a path that we never expected. Somewhere along that path we realized something very important. Something regarding the very industry we were trying so desperately to break into: we don't want to be in this industry. 

Yes, we don't want to be in the fashion industry. Why? We want to be in the art industry. More specifically: Wearable. Fine. Art. What does this mean? Wearable art, created in collaboration with artists from around the world, bringing unknown and hidden creativity, design, and brush strokes to the dull world of traditional fashion. Why? Because a world with wearable fine art is much, much better. Dali on your back, Picasso spread across your chest, even Van Gogh down your inseam. Sound crazy? It won't, soon.

The very first artist collaboration we engaged with, featuring a little known painter from Canyon, Texas, had us hooked on this idea. Her name was Deidre. The idea of creating a canvas, our denim jackets, tops, skirts, and jeans, as a platform for these artists to spread their talents and skills. A progressive connection of traditional fashion with hand painted work was a success and this collaboration recently sold out completely. This featured three jackets, each having their own designs on the back of the piece.

Since that point our collaboration portfolio has quickly spread to several different forms and locations around the world. From Canyon, Texas we moved east to Jacksonville, Florida where we collaborated with Lexi Mire. Lexi is the amazingly talented individual who runs MireMade, a floral embroidery company in which she creates bespoke hats. Here are some of the limited edition white and black denim tops we created in collaboration with her.

Fast forward to February of this year and our Instagram account received a very special DM. Owner and graphic designer behind the famous "bean" character Ketnipz, Harry Hambley, was interested in collaborating. Previously known for a license agreement with Instagram (yes, the read heart with the pink, genderless wave), large murals in cities around the world, and some of the most relatable and shared online content ever, the Ketnipz gang was now onboard with our collaboration movement. This was going to be big.

And it was. On June 1st and 2nd, a fully developed collaboration of six limited edition jackets and jean designs were released. The event was held at the exclusive 393NYC space, on Broadway in New York, fully equipped with a vinyl wrapped car out front to entertain the line forming around the block. 

We have learned a lot at this point. Collaborations such as this are an amazing opportunity to have limitless potential. With art-driven collaborations, AndAgain will create and bring forth some of the most exclusive and sought after apparel that the industry can handle. Stay in the loop for other collaborations and if you want to, let us know what you think. Do you want to be a part of our next collaboration? Have a friend who is an artist that would want to create awesome pieces with us? Share this blog with them, we would love to be connected. 


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