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How To Wear Denim In The Winter Without Freezing Your ASS Off!

Styling Denim in The Winter

Lets face it. Being able to pull off a look in the middle of the bone-chilling winter months can be difficult! We are here to help you through it, and maybe even win over your opinion on denim in the winter. It might not be so obvious, but your favorite pair of boyfriend jeans or oversized trucker jackets will be perfect for these low temps that are rolling in all too quickly.

A quick overlook for what we want to talk about:

  • Oversized Jackets

  • Layers for Days

  • Doubling up on Denim


Oversized Jackets for Cold Weather

You know that oversized denim jacket that you wear all Fall and Spring? The staple jacket that you have is also perfect for when it gets just a little freezing outside. All of that space inside your jacket can be filled with your coziest sweatshirt, big sweater, or another jacket! (Maybe something like sherpa or faux fur) Or, let us recommend wearing it buttoned up and long enough to cover your booty for extra warmth.

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Layers for Days

It may be a little bit obvious but the best way to stay warm in the winter is to layer up, but like my mom says, “you can always take it off if you get too hot.” We are absolutely loving these looks because layering with denim is a greta option. To be a bit technical, denim is a great choice for the winter because it is breathable. So while you’re wearing getting a little hot from your sweaters, cotton is a fiber that lets you breathe. Whether it’s a denim jacket under your favorite trench coat, double denim jacket (can we get a hell yes) or sweaters under denim, there’s no doubt denim is a great item to keep in mind when you’re trying to brace the cold.

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Doubling up on Denim

If you are going to ask two people who started a denim company what to wear when it’s cold, know that they will say double denim. The most important thing to remember is how versatile double denim can really be. It may be bold to wear all acid wash or culottes paired with a denim trench coat, but believe us these aren’t the only options. A great choice is wearing multiple washes. A mid wash jean with a super dark or even black denim jacket is a way to low key tell people how much you love denim. With these different styling options, we are LOVING the denim puffer coat and the denim jacket with leather sleeves. With all the great brands out there you are bound to find some amazing piece that mixes other fabrications with denim to really mix it up.

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So now, let us recommend some of our pieces that we would recommend for your cold weather style game because not only are they warm and stylish, they’re sustainable too.