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Learn From The Pros How to Style Denim - Alyssa Coscarelli (@alyssainthecity)

Denim Styling Tips from Alyssa Coscarelli

There are some things that certain individuals just do better than others. Learning baseball from Derek Jeter is probably a better idea than WikiHow. Learning to swim from Michael Phelps is probably a better opportunity for you than just jumping in the pool all on your own while your parents are at work.

Styling is just the same. Learn from the pros if you want to learn quickest and best. And take it from us, Alyssa is one of the best.

Alyssa Coscarelli is the familiar face behind the Instagram account called alyssainthecity. From fashion week, to grand openings, to brand collaborations and more, Alyssa is exposed to the world’s most renowned fashion icons and is quickly becoming one of them herself! It would be difficult to reach this status without some expertise in styling, especially in the world of denim. It is a true staple in the closets of the industry’s most trusted influences and most don’t go a week without posting some of it.

Skinny, oversized, boyfriend, mom, trucker, selvedge, and the list goes on and on. To some these all are commonplace in conversation, but to others you might as well say it all in Portuguese. We’re talking denim. The ins and the outs, and how to style it best. All taken through inspiration from Alyssa and her outfits that include the magical blue.


Straight Fit | Bright Top | White Sneaks

With a mid or light wash pair of jeans, a colorful top can be a great combination. Top (bottom?) it off with a clean pair of white shoes and you are set for a confident, easy going day. Alyssa chose a red top with accenting colors to catch the light brown of her wicker bag. Also, can we take a moment to appreciate that wicker bag…

Another benefit for the shoppers reading this, easy try on for outerwear and other tops.

Alyssa In The City Denim Blog

Wide Leg | White Button Down | Booties

Find yourself in need of something just a little more formal? Kick your clean white sneakers aside and pair your white booties with a clean white button down. Alyssa chose to pair her white button down, a slightly cropped one, with a light wash pair of wide leg jeans. A dark green leather handbag adds some color to it all. We’ll admit it, we’re suckers for a white tops and denim.

Alyssa In The City Denim Blog

Denim Jacket | Jeans

Double it up for the best possible results. If you have it, an attention grabbing jacket can be paired very well with a mid wash straight leg pair of jeans. Alyssa does just that, with the denim jacket attracting your attention away from the fact that she even is wearing double denim. Slate colored accessory and boots finish it off to create something edgy yet refined.

Alyssa In The City Denim Blog

Oversized and Cropped Jacket | Dress

An absolute classic go-to option for incorporating denim into your day is tossing an oversized jean jacket on top of a dress. Mix and match washes with varying dresses to reach endless opportunities. As the perfect example, a solid mid-wash jacket with an undone hem worn on top of a checkered dress with checkered shoes to match is a great look for Spring. Whether it is cropped, a bomber jacket or an oversized trucker fit, layering denim over dresses should always be on your back burner of options.

Alyssa In The City Denim Blog

Flare Jeans | Cropped Jacket

Alyssa chose a lighter colored cropped jacket to wear with AndAgain jeans for this shot. Paired with black boots and a black bag, this look brings out the flattering shape to the denim, and because of that the look in general.

Alyssa In The City Denim Blog