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Streetwear gets Sustainable?

Sustainable Streetwear

Sustainable Streetwear

When we started a sustainable fashion brand, we were all about the minimal aesthetic. Not only is our personal aesthetic relatively minimal (we wear jeans and a white tee shirt just about every day), it seemed that every other sustainable fashion brand was based around minimalism.

This concept definitely makes sense. Minimalism is all about owning things that truly have a meaning and a place in your life.  So, a minimalist wardrobe would be about high quality items that never go out of style. Basic tee shirts and jeans made from organic cotton, extremely simple silhouettes and staple colors are what most sustainable brands are about. But the thing is, what about the hypebeasts and those into street style?  

In our opinion, people who are inspired by streetstyle and strive to be as unique as possible shouldn’t be left out of the sustainable transition happening in fashion. So we decided to pull some of our favorites that we feel complement the uniqueness of us.



CHNGE was started to “give consumers who care an outlet to make a positive impact in the world through their purchases.” They use sustainable fabrics like organic cotton, show deep details (like owners names, address and traceability!!) into the factory based in Denizli, Turkey where their shirts are created, and donate 50% of their net profits to carefully vetted NGOs. Seems like this brand is really doing everything they can to make a positive change in what can be a cruel world.


If you’re looking for a brand that is dips their toes into street style but still has minimal vibes, that would be Olderbrother. Their main sustainable approach? Only using natural dyes. Other dyes can be be filled it toxins and heavy metals but Olderbrother focuses on only using plants and other materials that are naturally in the world. The fabrics used in their collections include organic cottons from Japanese farms, unique blends of wool and woven rice paper, and linen from the flax fields in Japan’s cooler climates. Another plus, all their clothing is gender neutral and truly made for everyone.


After a minimalist vibe, we come to Outerknown, a brand that focuses on sustainability with a heavy note of surfer dude, (prob bc it was started by the famous surfer Kelly Slater.) The menswear brand focuses on extreme transparency and only working with Fair Labor Association suppliers. Also they use an interesting fabric called ECONYL made with recycled fishing nets and surplus nylon to make awesome jackets and board shorts. But for us, the graphic tee shirts are what really brings us all the feels of streetwear.


We’ll admit it this brand also comes off pretty minimal, but they do have some awesome hats and tees. The brand only uses natural fibers like organic cotton and hemp, and use washing techniques that are less harmful- this brings a dusty color palette which speaks to their connection to the natural world. An added plus, their garments are created in small production runs with a strong focus on utility.


What can we say, we couldn’t write all of this and not give ourselves a quick pat on the back…

We’re happy to see some forward thinking streetwear brands getting into the sustainability game. There is definitely a long way to go, but we feel that these brands are taking steps in the right direction. Any brands we missed? Send us a message because we would love to check them out!