Pleated Canvas Bolero

$2,100.00 USD

andagain represents a lot of things: an artisan approach to design, sustainability, collaboration, and attention to detail. With our most recent design, the Pleated Canvas Bolero, we are taking an entirely new level of focus on design and intention. Each jacket is made-to-order, and takes two weeks to produce.


This jacket is made from reclaimed, 100% cotton canvas and is fully lined. It is sewn by hand in New York City and takes our team five days to complete. Our studio model, Morgan, is 5' 7" tall and wears a size small.

The canvas that is used in this design we saved from ending its life in the trash. While driving in New York City, we saw an office closing. All of its perfectly good furniture, supplies, and extra fabrics were being bagged up, and tossed to the curb. We fortunately drove by at the perfect time to save most of what could be, including this painters tarp and drop cloth. 

With the canvas being so stiff, we wanted this design to best use that quality, and take inspiration from it's original life and intention.

Pleating is not something we normally incorporate into our designs, but the heavily textured result gave this natural colored canvas a beautiful new life.

Behind the scenes details on the sketching and development process of the
Pleated Canvas Bolero.

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