andgain x Penny Slinger

The collaboration between fine artist Penny Slinger and andagain’s creative director, Morgan Young, represents the marriage of feminist surrealism and couture fashion. Each piece reinterprets elements of Slinger’s collage style with one of a kind garments that feature free motion stitching and chainmail construction details.All garments created in collaboration between Slinger and Young were handcrafted in their downtown Los Angeles studios utilizing sustainably focused fabrics and prints done by Slinger using archival inks on canvas. 

Chainmail Dress

$5000 USD

Draped Tunic and Pant

$6500 USD

Organza Jacket and Skirt

$8500 USD

Chainmail Bag

$500 USD 

Organza Tote

$600 USD

Leather Belt

$750 USD