Scrap Vinyl Bomber

$1,100.00 USD

andagain represents a lot of things: an artisan approach to design, sustainability, collaboration, and attention to detail. Zero-waste design is very important to us, and with the Scrap Vinyl Bomber we took this the furthest it could go by innovating and creating a brand new textile using the smallest cutting scraps and threads we have. Each unit is made to order and takes two weeks to produce


The Scrap Vinyl Bomber features an assortment of threads and cutting scraps from our normal production. These are then stuffed and quilted within a deadstock vinyl shell with a denim backing. This gives the jacket water resistant qualities, with a very unique, visual texture. Our studio model, Morgan, is 5' 7" and wears a size small.

All of the vinyl and denim used is deadstock material. We are saving this perfectly good yardage from going to waste by creating beautifully, wearable garments.

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