Zero Waste Vinyl Bomber

$1,100 | Edition of 3

The Zero Waste Vinyl Bomber is a limited edition design highlighting our efforts to be a completely zero waste fashion label. Only three units of this design will be produced. Each is made to order, taking approximately two weeks.

Included in each limited edition purchase is a virtual or in-person fitting with a complimentary sample garment to ensure the perfect fit, as well as free worldwide shipping. This design is inquiry-only. Please contact us using the form below, and we will be in touch within 24 hours. 


This jacket features an assortment of threads and cutting scraps from our normal production. These are then stuffed and quilted within a deadstock vinyl shell with a denim backing. This gives the jacket water resistant qualities, with a very unique, visual texture. Our model, Morgan, is 5' 7" and wears a size small.

All of the vinyl and denim used is deadstock material. We are saving this perfectly good yardage from going to waste by creating beautifully, wearable garments.

Zero Waste Vinyl Bomber

$1,100 | Limited Edition of 3