Zero Waste Tee Shirt

$70.00 USD

Creating our own original, zero waste textiles has been one of the most innovative parts of our brand. The Zero Waste Tee Shirt continues our push towards a new industry norm of zero waste production. 

The shirt is created using 100% organic, USA-grown and made cotton jersey, with black deadstock organza on top of our originally created, zero-waste textile. Each is sewn by hand in Los Angeles and will vary slightly from the shirt shown due to the randomness of the zero waste textile. Our studio models, Greg and Morgan both are wearing a size medium. 

Made to order, ships within one week. Free worldwide shipping, returns and exchanges.

All of the cotton jersey used in this shirt is an organic, USA-grown material, and in its entirety, the shirt is a zero waste design. We are saving these perfectly good scraps and remnants from going to waste by creating beautifully, wearable garments.

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