Learn more below about our brand's sustainability, from design inception to finished production, through the following areas:

Materials sourcing
Post production


Sustainability is at the core of our brand. Learn more below about why we have the most sustainable production methods that exist.

Since andagain started in 2016, making sure our business practices were the most sustainable has always been part of who we are. This mission has been recognized by Nylon, Who What Wear and others for our measurable efforts towards this goal. Sustainable fashion is not something that we love to pressure you into, or think makes us special - It is simply how we think business should be done.

"Did you know that over 1,000 gallons of water are used to create a single pair of jeans? This Earth Day, source your future fashion finds from designers that are creating with Mother Earth in mind. AndAgain [and others] are among the most sustainable (and sought-after) designers out there, so you're going to want to supplement your wardrobe gaps with them ASAP."

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"If fresh and forward denim is something you foresee in your near 2019 future, then you have come to the right place. Here, we have rounded up nine of the best denim brands you might not know about but definitely should."

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"As consumers, we need to be shopping smart and support the brands that are working to shake things up. Whether they're producing low-impact denim—created at ethical mills with minimal water and power usage—or creating new garments from deconstructed and reconstructed vintage and deadstock denim, we rounded up seven sustainable denim brands to get to know."

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Materials Sourcing

All of the materials that we use are either deadstock, reclaimed, or US-sourced organic cotton. Deadstock fabrics are the leftovers from some of the largest (and highest quality) mills from around the world. We are extremely fortunate to work with several platforms like Queen of Raw and Fab Scrap, connecting us directly to left over fabrics that without us, would likely have ended life in a landfill. With this kind of sourcing, our designs are often inspired by the materials we are able to obtain.


Our garments are manufactured to order in the andagain Los Angeles atelier. We produce all garments internally, allowing us to provide high levels of personalization in fit and sizing.

Post Production

Like all other apparel brands, our manufacturing results in cutting scraps and left overs. Larger pieces of our cutting scraps are reused in designs that implement patch work. Smaller scraps and threads are used in the creation of our original, zero waste textile.

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